For a better reconciliation of family and work – free, modern, helpful

• Varied topics around family and work
• Sketchy explanatory videos, also with subtitles
• More than 600 helpful local contacts and contacts
• Checklists, documents and links as everyday helpers
• Individual questions and answers on many topics
• Currently available in 10 languages
• Interactive Map, Smart Search and Chatbot

Are you in constant stress between family and work?

We help people of all kinds to make the compatibility of family and work successful and to realize their full benefits for themselves through the valuable content of our free platform. With information, local contacts, links, forms and tools – no cost, personal data or long search.

Innovative, free, easy to use, multilingual, barrier-free and available for all popular devices. Start right here with the barrier-free website, the mobile apps or the PC software. Our pilot region Dresden is already fully available for you.

Company entry from 90 € / year

Are you employers or entrepreneurs?
We help employers become visible as family-friendly companies, thereby retaining and attracting skilled workers. With the appropriate representation of your family-friendly company and your job offers on our website, which is well visited by your target group - without much time and expense.

Regional version from 500 €

Are you a mayor or district administrator?
We help cities and counties in Saxony to act in an innovative and citizen-friendly way through an individual regional website for family and work. Thanks to our clever IT structures behind it, a regional implementation of this solution is quick and easy for any region - without incurring high costs.

You are not in yet?

Whether as a company, as a social partner or as another region - we can integrate you into Set signs with us. Contact us today at +49-351-3129304 or via e-mail to


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